Tuesday, November 07, 2006

There's No Crying in Baseball

"There's no crying in baseball, y'all" so writes Adrastos in his blog entitled "Midura Cries, Dollar Bill Lies". Adrastos' comment refers to the emotional response Councilwoman Shelley Midura exhibited after being verbally assaulted by a council gadfly during last week's city council meeting. No one has used a better coined phrase to describe the lesson Midura must learn if she is to avoid repeating the spectacle Channel 4 aired of her last Thursday night.

On the other hand, why has no blogger mentioned the very well written column by Stephanie Grace in Sunday's paper? Grace makes a good argument as to what was going on and why. She effectively critiques the council's two Cynthias for their loud silence in the games the council played last week. Grace also sheds light on the shameful behavior that resulted in “no member of the black majority” having the courage “to state the obvious”, which could have blunted the racial tension.

For me, this fiasco can just as well be laid at the feet of Oliver Thomas, president of the council, as he should have intervened to protect his colleagues from ill-mannered speakers spewing foolish and unsubstantiated accusations. Thomas should have done more to ensure that a well intentioned but novice young politician was not pilloried for her temerity in proposing honest and above-board legislation to a public body that historically has little tolerance for progressive legislation. If the public has the right to abjure Midura that "There’s no crying in baseball", then Councilwoman Midura as well has the right to fair treatment from the public.


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