Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Come On Bloggers

. . . Here's Another Good One!

The Arts Council of New Orleans (ACNO) was recently written up in the Living section of the Times Picayune. The article centered around the construction of ACNO's new Louisiana ArtWorks building, located on the corner of Howard Avenue and Carondelet Street. The arts writer, Doug MacCash, brings several interesting and provocative facts to light and raises appropriate questions about whether there is a need for such an arts center.

I shouldn't get started about the Arts Council because ACNO is a four-letter word to me. I have a background in the arts and don't have anything good to say about that bunch. On the other hand, why not say more? They have their favored few supporters who have fed at the trough, but for the most part artists have found ACNO aloof and condescending, and anything but the "coordinating" entity it was supposed to be. ACNO does not serve the arts, but rather the arts serve ACNO. There is no longer any justification for its continued existence. Certainly there is no justification for this arts center, and for the enormous expenditure that it demands. Its time, if it ever existed, is long gone.

Also, what should take everyone's breath away is the fact that ACNO is spending $24,000 a month on something that does not exist, and that in their efforts to raise this kind of money for the last many years, this out-of-control organization has drained financial contributions to the arts in general.

Just yesterday a Letter to the Editor was published. It gives sound advice to the Arts Council in that the author suggested "the solution is to sell the place, get the Arts Council out of the real estate and arts and crafts business".

Time to pull the plug on this disaster!


Blogger DAM said...

ACNO has asked the City Council for $620,000 for this coming year to fund their ongoing disaster.
Hundreds of thousands for arts dilettantes instead of for cops, potholes, parks or litter control.
What a joke!

12:47 PM  

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