Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When I Think We All Grew Up

. . . and others might imagine that they have too, stuff just keeps coming up to prove me wrong.

While taking a closer look at our local bloggers, I found a posting from 10/27/06 by Gentilly Girl, which offers a link to another site. Upon opening it, I almost popped out in laughter. For me the visual says it all.

Continuing to read Gentilly's posting, I connected to the next link. This one saddened me, but not because of what Harvey Weinstein is quoted as saying, but for how he is trying to posture his client's situation.

The Dixie Chicks have enjoyed freedom of speech. They were not arrested for what they said or for the manner in which they said it. They are just experiencing the public's reaction to what they said.

As for NBC, one does not need to look too much further than to the fact that they are a corporation with a bottom line. Ironically, the Dixie Chicks did not stop to think about theirs.

These links are about damage control. Nothing more. They are a cover for the Chicks inability to accept the reactions of others who also can exercise their right of free speech. This first amendment stuff cuts both ways.


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